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Situated in the stunning Maruia Valley on the West Coast, Giddyup is a professional horse and rider training facility owned and operated by Janine and Terry Gibbs. Giddyup sits amongst the fertile pastures, vast mountains, rivers and native bush of the Maruia Valley in the Buller District of the South Island, New Zealand. This peaceful landscape provides the ultimate setting for training and producing performance horses and riders for all disciplines.






We can offer a great variety of training to horses that come to us for training - from starting young horses under saddle and giving them early ridden mileage hacking out and about, through to basic flatwork, all incorporating hill work, bush and river rides - this setting is ideal for producing forward, responsive, confident young horses, while also giving older horses more variety and interest from their regular work at home.

By only taking on a small number of horses for training at a time allows us to offer a very personalised service, ensuring we have plenty of time to work with each individual as they require on a day to day basis.






A lot of horse and rider combinations struggle with confidence and sustaining the skills that will make them the dream team that they desire to be. Janine is no exception to this circumstance and like so many others reaches out for the support and lessons that she needs to improve her competition outcomes in the show ring. This drive enables her to help others also improve and find that bond between horse and rider.


Giddyup offers professional coaching ranging from groundwork, flatwork and horsemanship lessons for adults of all levels, beginners to advanced. Janine also offers one or two day clinics during the spring, summer and early autumn months which are great for making progress, meeting new friends and are lots of fun!


From starting horses to training horses and riders along with good success in the show ring, Janine has filled her toolbox with many ideas to enhance your horse and riding experience.


"The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears"

Arabian Proverb





Janine on her home bred and trained, prize winning appaloosa, Rock 'n' Man, known as "Rox"

Janine on Rox
Rox and his ribbons

Horse and rider training